About Us - original

BANK Beauty

We are a beauty brand passionate about creating and bringing you the BEST. Our company ...... is to create beauty products that make you look good and feel good. To do this we make sure our 4 values flow through every item we create, these are shown in our Icons. (click for more info) 

Cruelty Free   Vegan    Eco Aware   Giving Back (can we make this a link)  


Our founder Karen has been in the beauty industry for 20 years. From an early age she knew that the beauty industry along with making people happy and more confident was her passion. Karen opened her 1st Beauty clinic at aged 18 in 2002 and has since expanded into 6 locations. In 2019 she rebranded to BANK Beauty and started the mission to create products she knows people will love! 

Her main aim is create and produce safe, non toxic, vegan, cruelty free and eco aware products that still have the luxury feel and work with no compromise.

As a busy working single mum to her two daughters Ava (9) and India(8), Karen has always wanted to show them if you work hard enough you can achieve any dream! Ava and India have been involved in all of the product testing and design, even packing and posting! They have loved being part of their mums dream! 

pic of kids with boxes


Giving back

This is our company charity scheme, we felt it very important to give to those in need and decided we would donate 10% of all profits directly to charity.

This is beauty at its best, you can look good and feel good!